A Fantasy, Sci-fi, & Christian author

Latest Book:

The Dragon Story: Dark Battle (book 4)

The time has come for the Army of Talvazah to finally rise and defeat the evil, wicked Queen Darkness. Jewel was tasked with leading the giant army into the dark battle against Dark Island, but other problems are rising at the same time. She will have to break her bad habit of bossing dragons around if she was going to....

Next Book Signing:

November 4-5, 2022!

Mycah Realms will be at the Vendome in Weiser, Idaho, from the 4th to the 5th of November! There will be plenty of books for sale and handmade crochet animals made by his grandmother! So, be sure to stop by, grab a few cute stuffed animals, and get your books signed!

Latest News:

The Dragon Story Website is now in development! You can now try it out if you want, but just know it is still being worked on!