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Santa Claws (The Dragon Story) (Christmas Special)

Kurtiss Branta is the Sand Dragon spy for the king and queen of Iceberg Kingdom, a cold, tundra-like area of land much like the North Pole. The citizens know him as the tough, never-back-down, trust-no-one type of dragon. Which could very well be why he's the royal spy. He's stopped many terrorists, prevented wars, and kept the kingdom running smoothly with no fighting or misbehaving in any violent way.....

Latest Short Story:

Snake of the Jungle is a fearless short story about a little girl named Kelsa who must overcome her fear of snakes before Python, the beastly snake of the jungle, senses her fear and ends her life. The legend puts it that once Python smells fear, he goes and devours them where they stand. Unless one is brave enough to...

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